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If you have landed on this site, chances are, you are like me, a former Diablo and/or Diablo 2 player, eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of Diablo 3. If you are new to Diablo 3, then that is okay too! Rest assured that this site will be constantly updated with the best Diablo 3 tips, strategies, builds, walkthroughs and news!

Diablo 3 Background
For those of you who do not already know, D3 is a widely popular action role playing game that has just been released by Blizzard, an American video game developer. Diablo 3 was highly anticipated, due to the great success of its predecessors, Diablo and Diablo 2. The impending release of D3 was first announced back in 2008 and has been the talk of many gamers ever since, however, the game has been anticipated for much longer, pretty much since Diablo 2 was released over 10 years ago.

Diablo 3 Release Date

Diablo 3 was released on May 15, 2012. Diablo 3 will be 2012′s biggest MMORG. D3 is the sequel to one of the most popular PC games of all time, Diablo 2. Diablo 2 sold over 4 million copies and this was several years ago, before World of Warcraft. Since then, the average age of gamers has expanded and MMORPG’s have exploded in popularity. This being said, Diablo 3 will certainly be just as popular, if not much more popular than its predecessor, Diablo 2.

Diablo 3 Strategy for Beginners

Those of you who are new to the Diablo series will probably need to acclimate yourself to the game before you really start to find your stride. I always suggest to new players, and even to existing players wanting to get better, to find a strategy guide they like and find useful. Inferno Codex is the strategy guide I use and the one I have found most useful. I’m not really ashamed to admit that I use a strategy guide. I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to play the game and find out all the D3 tips and tricks myself, so its really handy to have a resource for all this information at my finger tips!

Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Strategy Guide has gotten a lot of positive feedback from other D3 gamers as well. I found an Inferno Codex Review that pretty much echoes my sentiments regarding the guide. Anyway, I’d like to share some Diablo 3 tips, tricks and strategies with you that I have pulled from Inferno Codex and from my own experiences. Of course, there are way more tips and strategies for Diablo 3 in Inferno Codex. Without further adieu, here are some of my best D3 tips…

Diablo 3 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

  1. If you see an interesting player in a game, you can check out what equipment they are using by right clicking on their character picture.
  2. Do not sell rare or magical items as they are worth much more as crafting material. Unless of course your goal is to farm gold.
  3. Do not concern yourself with quickly picking up loot and gold drops like in Diablo 2. Diablo 3 features individual loot and gold drops so no one can take your items before you can click it. What a nice feature! Check out best Diablo 3 items to learn about which items are best.
  4. When you pick up a health orb, all surrounding players will get healed as well. These are essential in staying alive, especially when battling in Inferno mode.
  5. Your character will pick up nearby gold automatically without clicking on it. Some items and equipment has additional properties that will increase this distance and allow you to pick up gold that is farther away.
  6. You don’t have to add an item to your inventory to reveal stats anymore. If you hold the CTRL button while your mouse is sitting over top an item, it will reveal its stats. In addition, it will compare the item on the ground with whatever you currently have equipped in that particular item slot.
  7. You can hit the “F” button to bring up your Diablo 3 follower’s inventory and skills. Make sure to equip your follower before you go out into the world!
  8. It is a good idea to invest in a larger stash as opposed to creating additional mule characters. You will get much more out of playing for longer periods than attempting to transfer items.
  9. Don’t concern yourself with leveling up multiple Artisans. Leveled up Artisans are account wide so everything gets carried over for your other characters. However, this gets reset once you enter into a new difficulty mode like Inferno or Nightmare.
  10. If you buy an additional account or have a dedicated friend you can play with consistently, make one account the party’s jewel crafter and one account the blacksmith. That way you can level up your Artisan faster but still have the benefits of having both.
  11. Lore books should not be neglected as they provide additional experience points, along with something interesting to read. The Diablo 3 story is actually very fascinating. Check it out and make sure to collect all lore books!
  12. Do not neglect your craftsmen and artisans. They are essential for crafting awesome gear, salvaging and socketing items.
  13. Never leave a game of Diablo 3 while you are in the Diablo World. Whenever you leave the world, it starts a countdown which can leave you vulnerable. If you do leave, make sure you are in town or there are no nearby monsters. You may be asking yourself, why is there a countdown timer? Well the reason for this is because Blizzard did not want people to leave games before they died while dueling in PvP matches. Makes sense!
  14. Treasure goblins disappear into a portal known as Greed’s portal if you don’t kill them quickly. If you see one, make sure to kill it as soon as possible as they tend to drop good items and lots of gold.
  15. If you want to take a screenshot of your character and post it as your avatar on a forum or somewhere else on the Internet, you can press the Z button on your keyboard and it will zoom up on your character.
  16. You can place your personalized banner on the ground by pressing the G key. You can also customize your banner at the main menu before you enter a game.
  17. You can go into options and enable advanced tool tips which will give you more statistics and details about your character’s skills.
  18. Use the numerical pad buttons on your keyboard to say audible pre-recorded lines that also appear in the chat. This is actually a useful tool if you’re not using a program like AIM, Skype or Ventrilo to communicate with your party.
  19. You can view the health bars of all nearby monsters by pressing the X button on your keyboard.
  20. You must reach level 10 before entering Hardcore mode.
  21. Whenever you choose your Battle Tag, do so wisely as this is what people will know you as. They will not see your character name.
  22. If you want the ability to increase your chances of finding more gold and better items, you must increase your magic find. Feel free to check out my article Diablo 3 Magic Find Guide for more information.
  23. Many times, the best items are not found by killing the main bosses but rather, finding elite champion packs and other mini- bosses.
  24. While playing, if you hit the ALT key, this will bring up all the items on the ground for ten seconds. The duration of this can be changed in options.
  25. You can increase your attack speed with a 15% bonus by dual wielding weapons!
  26. There is a experience points penalty for killing monsters that are much lower level than your character. If a monster is 5-10 levels lower than your current level, there is a minimal penalty, but if the difference is over 10 levels, you will be penalized. By killing monsters that are 3 levels above your current level, you gain an XP bonus.
  27. High grade gems cannot be found in the game, they must be crafted.
  28. When there are more players in a game, monsters become harder. However, unlike in Diablo 2, you do not get more experience points for being in a game with more players but you actually do more damage with bigger parties.
  29. You can teleport to a party member’s location by clicking on their banner in town.
  30. Skills can be assigned to hot keys and even buttons on your mouse, which is really useful for quickly switching attacks and skills. If you do not have a multi- function mouse, check out a review I wrote on the best Diablo 3 mouse.

These are just a few general tips I wanted to share with you. You can find much more specific Diablo 3 strategies and guides in Inferno Codex, one of the top Diablo 3 strategy guides currently available on the Internet.

General Diablo 3 Information

Diablo 3 will use three new different types of armor: leggings, shoulder plates and arm guards. Another new feature that is intended to speed up play are health orbs. Health orbs will be dropped by killed enemies, eliminating the need for the potion bar. The potion bar is replaced by something called a skill bar that allows a player to assign different skills and spells to the skill bar.

Diablo 3 Runestones
Another new feature are skill runes or runestones. Runestones will allow for the modifying of certain class skills. They are similar to ordinary runes found in Diablo 2, but instead of changing equipment, the runestones will modify and customize a specific skill or attack. Skill runes will be dropped by slain enemies and monsters. Every class will be able to take advantage of skill runes. According to Blizzard, there will be five runstones; crimson, indigo, obsidian, golden and alabaster. Each of these runestones will affect skills differently.

NPC’s- Non Player Characters
Artisans- A new NPC in Diablo 3 is the Artisan who crafts, sells and enhances equipment. Think of the Artisan like the Blacksmith in Diablo 2. There will be three different types of artisans: a blacksmith, a jeweler and a mystic. These artisans will create powerful items from other acquired items and reducing these acquired items as components.

In Diablo 2, only socket wielding basic weaponry and armor could be enhanced. Diablo 3 will allow for rare and magic items to be enhanced. There will also be the crafting option of enhancing the skills of the artisan rather than just craft new items.

Followers- Another NPC in Diablo 3 will be known as Followers. Followers are like mercenaries from Diablo 2 in that they will ally with you during your quests and fights. There will be three different types of followers in Diablo 3: The Enchantress, the Scoundrel and the Templar.

Diablo 3 Character Classes
In Diablo 3, the player will be able to choose from five different classes. Rumor has it that Diablo 3 players will be able to choose the gender of their class. The five different classes are the following:

  • Barbarian: This is a class taken from Diablo 2, however it has been said that the Barbarians skills have been revamped.
  • Wizard: To me, the Wizard reads like the sorceress from Diablo 2. Lightning, fire, ice and teleportation are 4 skills that are similar to that of the sorceress.
  • Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor sounds similar to the Necromancer of Diablo 2 however the skills of the Witch Doctor are in line with that of voodoo culture as opposed to necrosis.
  • Demon Hunter: Think of the Demon Hunter as a combination of the Amazon and Assassin classes of Diablo 2. The crossbow has been said to be the main weapon of the Demon Hunter.
  • Monk: The Monk can be thought of as a combination of the Paladin and Assassin. The Monk will utilize a melee attack that reflects martial arts and holiness.

Diablo 3 Tips Summary

Diablo 3 Tips is a website dedicated to all things Diablo 3. Tips, tricks, strategies, class builds, quest guides, reviews and more will be available on this site. Make sure to continue checking back for new updates and make sure to check out Inferno Codex by clicking the banner below. I promise you will not be disappointed!



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