Best Diablo 3 Follower

The Best Diablo 3 Follower Builds Revealed!

One neat feature of Diablo 3 are followers. Followers are basically allies that run on artificial intelligence. You outfit, upgrade, teach and heal them and they help you fight. Followers are similar to the Henchmen or Mercenaries of Diablo 2 but have several upgrades to make them much more customizable.

The biggest difference between the Followers of D3 and the Mercenaries of D2 is that Followers are upgradable with their own skills. This allows you to customize what passive skills they use and how they fight. You are probably wondering, what are the best Diablo 3 Followers? Well before we get into which D3 Follower is Best, we have to first look at all three.

There are three different types of follower. They are:

  1. Enchantress
  2. Scoundrel
  3. Templar

The Enchantress relies heavily on ranged support consisting of magical implements and spells channeled through staves. This type of fighting is heavily reliant on magic. As such, she doesn’t deal great amounts of damage, but instead is highly effective at disoriented enemies, slowing them down to make them easier to manage.

For these reasons, I believe the Enchantress is best paired with the likes of the Barbarian or possibly the Demon Hunter, since much of their damage is physical. The magical elements of the Enchantress will pair well with these two. In other words, the Enchantress is the Best Diablo 3 Follower, if your character is a Barbarian or a Demon Hunter.

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The Scoundrel is an interesting Follower. His fighting style is quite versatile but mostly relies on ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows. Although most of his damage comes from crippling, stunning and mostly single target damage, the Scoundrel carries various unique equipment that helps to improve his fighting ability.

The Scoundrel is best suited for any class besides the Witch-Doctor or Monk. Although his fighting style is reminiscent of the Demon Hunter since he uses a bow or crossbow, this might actually work as an advantage to those using the Demon Hunter since you can give him your old equipment.

The reason I suggest not using this Follower with the Witch-Doctor or Monk is because his unique equipment, such as his loaded dice and hidden pouches, possess many of the same attributes that the aforementioned classes use. For this reason the Scoundrel is the best Diablo 3 Follower for the Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Wizard.

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The last and final Follower, the Templar, can be best described as a Holy Barbarian of sorts. He uses heavy armor, a shield, and one handed weapon and can perform war tactics such as battle caries. This determined Follower is very powerful also possessing and collecting various Templar oddities such as scriptures and chalices.

The Templar, lends its skills and attributes very well to classes such as the Wizard, Witch Doctor and Monk. Because it relies heavily on physical damage, pairing the Templar with classes that mostly use magic and other elements as a way to fight, make a great combo.

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Best D3 Follower Summary

While there is no one Best D3 Follower, each follower possesses skills and attributes that pair well with particular character classes. I suggest using a Follower that has different skill sets than your character class, so that you in turn, have a more well rounded fighting style.

The Best Diablo 3 Follower Builds Revealed!

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