Best Diablo 3 PvP Class

The truth regarding the Diablo 3 best PVP character class is that each class has its own unique attributes and abilities that make it well suited for PVP. Setting up the best PvP class for D3 really requires you to know or guess what your opponent will be using. To wrap your head around this concept, lets examine a quick analogy unrelated to Diablo 3. If you were to get into a fight with someone and had the best sword, it might be useless if the person has special armor or even a gun.

Likewise, if you have a relatively stationary character class, such as the Demon Hunter, who uses a ranged attack, this may be effective versus a class such as a Monk, that is also relatively stationary but doesn’t use ranged attacks.

Nevertheless, I know there will be Diablo 3 classes that are popular and better suited for PvP. However, don’t be surprised if you see very successful and unconventional classes dominating PvP. Let’s take a look at a few potential PvP builds and their strengths.

The Diablo 3 Barb PvP Build- The D3 Barb PvP build might be effective for PvP due to its many mobility skills such as furious charge, sprint and leap attack. Sprint is particularly effective when paired with the rune. In addition, war cry offers additional armor, life and lots of HP regeneration. Lastly, threatening shout reduces enemy damage by 50% which is a great PvP skill to have.

The Diablo 3 Monk PvP Build- The Monk may be a “sleeper” of sorts for PvP in Diablo 3. The Monk has two stun counters, a gap closer, DPS and various heals that should be effective in PvP. Dashing strike is a very useful and effective mobility skill in Diablo 3. Overall the Monk’s lack of offense may be offset by its wide range of healing and defensive abilities.

The Best D3 Demon Hunter PvP Build- Possibly one of the most interesting Diablo 3 PvP builds is the Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter or the Diablo 2 Assassin was not a popular PvP class for D2 but the Demon Hunter may offer interesting attributes for PvP. The Demon Hunter has a decent array of mobility skills and along with strafe, evasive fire and vault, the Demon hunter has the ability to move and attack. In addition obsidian impale is currently one of the greatest damage boosters, of an upwards of +600% weapons damage.

Best Diablo 3 PvP Class Summary

As you can see there is not real best D3 PvP build or class, as most of the character classes have unique attributes that will make them successful in the PvP arena.¬†Just because your character class is not popular with PvP, does not mean you can’t use it for such.

My suggestion is that you find a character class that has good mobility, good defensive skills, and an effective attack vs your opponents defenses. If you have a good idea of what your opponent is using, you can exploit their weaknesses in order to win a fight. Do this and you will have the best Diablo 3 PvP class!

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