Diablo 3 Staff of Herding Secret Level

In my article entitled Diablo 3 Cow Level we discussed the possibilities of a secret level cow level similar to the one found in Diablo 2, but in the recent release of Diablo 3. Based on information collected from Blizzard, Diablo 3 beta, and Internet hearsay, we came to the conclusion that there was a good possibility there would be a cow level in Diablo 3, or at the very least, a tribute to the cow level found in Diablo 2.

With the release of Diablo 3, it has come to our attention that there is indeed a secret level. Blizzard was correct when they made it known that “There is no cow level”, however they failed to mention that there was a tribute to the cow level known as Whimsyshire. Whimsyshire, the secret pony level, is filled with rainbows, soft fluffy clouds, and other things you wouldn’t attribute to Diablo 3. Whimsyshire was created in response to some people claiming that Blizzard had gone soft. It is a fun, parody of sorts, with elements of the old cow level in Diablo 2.

So how do you create Whimsyshire, or the secret pony level in Diablo 3? In order to find the secret level in Diablo 3, you must go through several steps to gain access with something called the Staff of Herding. The Staff of Herding can be crafted with the combination of five items, the crafting plan and some gold.

***Warning: These steps are very challenging. If you are currently struggling with Normal or Nightmare mode, Please look into Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Strategy Guide for tips and strategies on how to quest and build your character properly



Here are the items you must find in order to craft the Staff of Herding:

  • Black Mushroom. If you look carefully in the Cathedral of Act 1, you may find an item known as the black mushroom. The spawn of the Black Mushroom is random, so you may have to reset your game a few times to find it. It will be on the floor of a special looking room and will look like a corpse that you can overturn.
  • Leoric’s Shinbone. This item can be found rather easily. Start Act 1: The Imprisoned Angel and use the waypoint to get to Leoric’s Manor. Go inside and look in the room on the right of the King’s Throne. If you do not see the shinbone on the fireplace, try leaving the game and then resuming. Keep doing this until you find it in the fireplace.
  • Liquid Rainbow. You can find this item in Act 2 at Dahlgur Oasis. There are two locations in the Oasis , where a character can appear known as Zaven the Alchemist. He doesn’t spawn every time so yo will probably have to reset to find him.In order to get to the Oasis, select the Blood and Sand quest. Once you’re there, take the waypoint to the Path to the Oasis. Go do east and look south in the first location. If he’s not there, you should reset the game. Once you finally find Zaven, fight the mobs around him and he will open a cave for you. Go inside the cave and look for a strange chest. Inside you will find Liquid Rainbow. If you do not see it, reset the game and do it again.
  • Gibbering Gemstone. Finding this item is quite a pain. In the Fields of Slaughter of Act 3, there is a rare spawn named Chiltara found in the Cavern’s of Frost that will drop the Gibbering Gemstone. In this part of the game, there are two caves, the Caverns of Frost and Icefall Caves. If you find Icefall Caves, reset your game until the Caverns of Frost appear.Once you know your game has the Caverns of Frost, boot up quest number five, Machines of War- Destroy Ballistae. Use the way point and go to the Bridge of Korsikk and look for the Cave of Frost. Once you find it, go inside and begin looking for an elite Mob named Chiltara. This is a rare mob so you might not find her, but be aware that you will find many yellow mobs before you find Chiltara. Make sure to look in all levels of the Cave thoroughly. If you go all the way and end up at the portal stone, reset the game and do it over again.
  • Wirt’s Bell. This is probably one of the easier items to find. Unfortunately, it is rather expensive at 100k gold. Go to Act 2 and start quest one, Shadows in the Desert- Iron Wolf Jarulf and go into the Caldeum Bazaar. Here you will see Squirt the Peddler who will sell you Wirt’s Bell.

Finding the Plan for the Staff of Herding in Diablo 3

Once you have all the items I outlined above, go to Act 4 and start doing Izual runs. Eventually the plan for the Staff of Herding will fall after you kill him. The plan is a random drop so you will need to keep doing it. I have heard of people having to kill him over 20 times for him to drop it, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find it the first few times.

If you have managed to do all of the above, you should already know how to get to Izual, but if you don’t go to Act 4 and do the quest called Prime Evil. Take the waypoint to Crystal Colonnade. Take the gateway to the Silver Spire. Disregard Leah and enter the Silver Spire Level 1. Ignore Mira and keep running until you find the portal to go to the Great Span. In the Great Span, you will find Izual. Once you kill him, your progress should be saved to the check point, so if you did not get the plan for the Staff of Herding, you can do it again.

How to Craft the Staff of Herding to Access the Secret Level in Diablo 3

Once you have the plan and all the other items, go to the Blacksmith. Right click him and then click the Staff of Herding Plan. Once he learns the plan, you can find the staff under Forge Weapons. You must pay 50k gold to craft it, but you should have plenty from all the farming you had to do in order to get all these items. Use all the items I outlined above, the Black Mushroom, Leroric’s Shinbone, Liquid Rainbow and the Gibbering Gemstone to craft the item with the Blacksmith.

How to Enter the Secret Diablo 3 Level; Whimsyshire

Once you have crafted the Staff of Herding, you can finally reap the fruits of all of this labor but slaughtering some pretty funny stuff. To get to Whimsyshire, also known as the secret Pony Level to some, go to Act 1 and do the Legacy of Cain quest. Go outside of the gates and head due north and look for the cow skeleton. Once there, the Ghost of the Cow King will show up and show you how deep the rainbow hole gets. Once you enter in the level, make sure to kill everything in the map. There will be elite mobs and they can even drop legendary items.

Diablo 3 Secret Level in Nightmare Mode

Once you have reached, but not yet finished, Act 4, Prime Evil, you can buy the Staff of Herding Plan for Nightmare from Gorrell found in Bastions Keep Stronghold. It will only cost 1 Gold but the Blacksmith will rob you for another 200k gold. A small price to pay to slaughter unicorns and teddy bears!

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