How to Kill Diablo 3 Belial

Diablo 3 Belial is a formidable foe found in Act 2 of Diablo 3. He can be found in the Caldeum. Many people are having a hard time killing Belial, even in Normal mode, so this post offers a few general tips on how to kill Diablo 3 Belial. Also included are few class specific suggestions on how to beat Belial.

D3 Belial Background and General Tips for Fighting Belial

The battle with Belial comes in three different stages, the first includes a summons of enemy lizards. The second stage consists with Belial teleporting close to you while sending poison shots along with a few lizards. These first two stages are fairly easy, but when Belial reaches approximately 20% life, his real form comes out. In the third and final stage he turns into a huge demon and utilizes three powerful attacks consisting of a combination of a whirlpool death move and breath of poison. Both of these are poison based attacks. In addition, he has a fist smash.

Here’s how to deal with the three attacks of Belial’s final stage:

  1. Belial’s breath of poison attack is not particularly strong, at least in Normal mode. Nightmare mode is a different story. Poison resistance would probably be useful here. Nevertheless, try not to remain standing in this area.
  2. The poison whirlpool death move is what most people die from. Make sure you keep moving because he will release a whirlpool wherever you are standing. If you look carefully on the screen, there are a few spaces on the screen you can stand and not be vulnerable to this attack. The whirlpool does its damage when they explode, so make sure to avoid that in particular.
  3. The fist smash typically precludes the whirlpool death move, so just be aware that its coming when you see this. The fist smash usually doesn’t land a hit, but if it does, be sure to use a health potion, because the whirlpool is coming.

How to Kill Belial with Wizard

If you’re using a Wizard and are having trouble with Belial, here are few insights that will help guide you in your quest to kill this boss:

  • Make sure you are at least level 22 before you face Belial.
  • Rather than focusing solely on DPS, you want to make sure to put an emphasis on Vitality when facing Belial. You should have at least 1400 health.
  • Load up on health potions and try to grab health orbs that he drops on the ground as you battle him. Try not to get too close to him however, as his attacks can be pretty devastating.
  • Keep moving around. Don’t remain stationary.
  • Using a combination of Magic Missile, Diamond Skin and Arcane Torrent while teleporting is an effective way to battle Belial with a Wizard. Hydra also works well here.

How to Kill Diablo 3 Belial with Barbarian

The Barbarian, even though is a very stout and tough character class, is still subject to Belial’s ferociousness. Make sure to have an extra emphasis on survival/ vitality.

  • Make good use of healing skills for extra survivability. Skills such as Revenge, Nerves of Steel, Ignore pain with emphasis on vitality will help keep you alive.
  • Frenzy is an excellent single target attack for killing Belial.
  • Threatening Shout and Battle Cry are useful to use as well along with Inspiring Presence for extra heals.

Using a Demon- Hunter to kill Belial

The Demon Hunter is one of the best classes for killing Belial because he doesn’t go to great lengths to run after you or stun you. Just make sure to keep him at bay while you fight.

  • Use Speed Buffs and kite Belial.
  • Try spamming DPS when fighting.

How to beat D3 Belial Conclusion

The overall consensus for defeating Belial is to make sure you have enough life and emphasis on vitality. Another useful, general tip for fighting is to make sure you go to Options and enable Elective Mode. The added customization will help you optimally set up your skills.

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