How to Kill Diablo 3 Butcher

The Diablo 3 Butcher is boss character that is the main subject of the Diablo 3 Butcher Quest. He uses a large cleaver and can be found in a room that is covered with the remains of Tristram’s townspeople who Lazarus purposely led to their fate. Upon killing the Butcher, he leaves behind his unique weapon known as the Butcher’s Cleaver.

Many Diablo 3 players who face the Butcher using low level character have a tough time killing him. He is even harder to kill for Barbarians and other classes that rely heavily on close range melee attacks. The reason he is so tough to kill is because of the high damage he does with his cleaver, and how he constantly pursues his enemies.

If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably wondering how to kill the Diablo 3 Butcher. There are definitely a few Diablo 3 Butcher tips that will help aid you in killing this beast.

How to Kill Diablo 3 Butcher With Barbarian or other Low Level Character

Unfortunately, the Butcher can be a tough opponent for Barbarians or even Monks, especially those that are low level. The reason being, is that in order to effectively use close ranged, melee attacks that the Barbarian and even the Monk rely on, you must get very close to the Butcher. The Butcher possesses a very devastating attack himself, so by getting close, you put the life of your character at great danger.

My suggestion is to join a public game with a Demon Hunter, Wizard or Witch Doctor, a class that has an effective ranged single damage attack. If you are determined to beat the Butcher with a Barbarian, make sure you use multiple health pools. Do not try to fight the Butcher if you are attempting to power quest your way through this opponent using a low level. Make sure you are outfitted with the best possible gear that adds life and possibly reduces damage from enemies.

If you are still having difficulty beating the Diablo 3 Butcher, I suggest checking out Inferno Codex, the Internet’s ultimate Diablo 3 strategy guide. It has techniques and strategies for questing, leveling and even PvP that hasn’t been released yet.


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