How to Kill Diablo 3 Fuad

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Fuad, an elite boss found in a cellar of Act 2 in Diablo 3, can be troublesome if you don’t know what you are doing. Much of the problems lies in the fact that Diablo 3 Fuad regenerates health faster than solo players can damage him. He regenerates health every time he hits you.

Another problem for most players trying to kill Fuad in Diablo 3, is that many are too low of a level. Being that Fuad is found in Act 2, many players will power their way through Act 1, and end up facing Fuad when they are much too low of a level.

Fortunately, I will be outlining a few helpful Fuad strategies and tips that will help you defeat this boss. Using the information found below as a guide, you should have no problem beating Fuad and advancing to harder bosses!

Best Tips for Beating Diablo 3 Fuad

One of the best tips for killing Fuad is to enter the cellar, hit him with your best single target attack and immediately leave the room. Wait for your cool down to wear off and enter the room again, repeating the process until hes dead. Even if he does hit you, if you utilize this strategy correctly, he should only hit you at the most, one time. This will not be enough to counter your best attack. I know this is a pretty cheap strategy but try it if you’re having trouble.

This may seem like common sense to some of you advanced gamers, but make sure when you get to Fuad, you are proficient in your single target attacks. Area of Effect (AoE) attacks could have probably gotten you to Fuad, but if you want to kill him efficiently without dying too many times, it’s best to use single target attacks.

Check out the class specific strategies and builds below for information if you’re still struggling:

How to Kill Fuad with a Diablo 3 Barbarian

Stunning Fuad is a great way to stop him from dealing blows and thereby regenerating his own health. Using Bash with the Clobber rune and Ground Stomp will greatly improve your chances of stunning Fuad. In addition, Weapon Throw will snare him. At this point, keep Ground Stomping and snaring him with Weapon Throw and continue to kite and single target melee attack. Hammer of Ancients a few times work well too.

Use your Follower to your advantage. The Scoundrel pairs well with the Barbarian because he will help your DPS a good bit. Continue to stun, attack, and kite and you should have no problem defeating Fuad with your Barb.

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Beating Fuad with Witch Doctor in Diablo 3

If your character of choice is the Witch Doctor, make good use of Horrify, a skill that will fear him. Let your Follower do much of the work here along with Zombie Chargers and Poison Darts or Dire Bats. Don’t bother with Zombie Pups as they tend to be fairly ineffective in fighting Fuad since he stands a high chance of hitting them and regenerating health.

How to Kill Fuad with Diablo 3 Monk

The Monk is great at evading attacks as long as you’re using the correct skills. Basic Fist is a great skill for evading attacks. Fuad cannot regenerate health if he cannot hit you. Blinding Flash is an effective skill for temporarily disorient him. Ideally, your Monk will be a high enough level to use Seven- Sided Strike and Serenity, which pair nicely with Monk single target attacks, one being the Lashing Tail Kick.

Tips for Using Wizard to Kill Fuad

If you’re using a Wizard, consider using Ray of Frost with Numb rune and Frost Armor which will either give a chance to freeze him or slow him down. Keep your distance and use a combination of Frost Nova and Wave of Force. Fuad should be fairly easy for the Wizard, as long as you don’t get too close.

How to Kill Fuad with a D3 Demon Hunter

If you choice of character is the Demon Hunter, and you’re having problems with beating Fuad, the firs thing you want to do is lay traps while simultaneously using Caltrops and Rapid Fire. The Demon Hunter hasn’t been known to have many problems with Fuad, unless of course you are too low of a level.

How to Kill Fuad D3 Summary

Killing Fuad is actually not as hard as it seems, once you learn how to correctly approach him. Understand that he regenerates his health when he lands blows, so make sure you try to avoid him as best as possible. You can always use your strongest attack and keep leaving and entering the cellar, but this is pretty cheap and probably won’t do you much good once you actually have to face tougher bosses.

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